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Anglo-Saxon Chronicle
Manuscript A (Corpus Christi College, Cambridge MS 173)   (Stanford University)
Manuscript B (Cotton Tiberius A VI)   (The British Library)
Manuscript C (Cotton Tiberius B I)   (The British Library)
Manuscript D (Cotton Tiberius B IV)   (The British Library)
Manuscript E (Bodleian Library, MS Laud 636)   (Oxford University)
Manuscript F (Cotton Domitian A VIII)   (The British Library)
Douglas B. Killings   (Britannia History)
James Ingram (Google Books)
John Allen Giles    (Internet Archive)
Tony Jebson

Annales Cambriae
Cotton MS Domitian A I   (C-text, British Library)
Henry Gough-Cooper   (The Heroic Age)
Paul Halsall   (Internet Medieval Sourcebook)

Annals of Tigernach
CELT   (University College Cork)
CELT (Translation)   (University College Cork)
Whitley Stokes   (Internet Archive)

Annals of Ulster
Hennessy, W. M., 1887

Asser’s life of King Alfred
Cook, A. S., 1906  (Internet Archive)

Bartrum, P.C., Some studies in early Welsh history, THSC
Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru – The National Library of Wales

Bede’s Ecclesiastical History of England
Sellar, A.M., 1907   (The Project Gutenberg)

Bonedd Gwŷr y Gogledd
Keith Fitzpatrick-Matthews

Bonedd yr Arwyr
Dylan Stephens

Bonedd y Saint G
Revue Celtique   (Internet Archive)

The Book of Taliesin
Mary Jones   (Celtic Literature Collective)
The National Library of Wales
Poems from the Book of Taliesin   (Internet Archive)

Brut y Tywysogion
Williams, J., 1860   (Internet Archive)

Cartulaire de Quimperlé
British Library

Cartularium Saxonicum Vol. II
Walter de Gray Birch (Internet Archive)

Celtic Folklore Welsh and Manx
John Rhŷs   (Internet Archive)

Celtic Culture
John T. Koch   (Google Books)

Celtic Inscribed Stones Project
University College London

Celtic Remains
Morris, L., Evans, D. S.   (Internet Archive)

Chronicles of the Picts and Scots
W. F. Skene   (Internet Archive)

Chronicon Briocense
Bibliothèque nationale   (Gallica)

Chronicon Britannicum
Dom Hyacinthe Morice   (Gallica)

Chronica chronicarum
John of Worcester   (Stanford University)

Corpus Christi College, 183
Parker Library   (Stanford University)

Corpus Christi College, 383
Parker Library   (Stanford University)

Cotton Tiberius A iii
The British Library    (DigiPal)

Cotton Tiberius B V
The British Library

Cotton Vespasian B VI
The British Library

Culhwch and Olwen
Lady Charlotte Guest   (Celtic Literature Collective)
The Red Book of Hergest   (Welsh Prose 1300-1425)
The White Book of Rhydderch   (Welsh Prose 1300-1425)

De Excidio et Conquestu Britanniae
Joseph Stevenson   (Internet Archive)
Hugh Williams   (Internet Archive)

De Situ Brecheniauc
A. W. Wade-Evans   (Internet Archive)

Dio’s Roman History (Epitome of Book LXXI to Fragment of Book LXXX)
Cary, E, 1955

The Dream of Maxen Wledig
Lady Charlotte Guest   (Celtic Literature Collective)

Early Welsh Genealogical Tracts
Tables: Early Series pp. 1-31; 41-54 (Aberystwyth University)

The Expulsion of the Déisi
K. Meyer   (Y Cymmrodor vol. XIV, Internet Archive)

Flores Historiarum vol. I
Giles, J. A., 1849   (English)
Coxe, H. O., 1841   (Latin)

Gesta Regum Anglorum
John Allen Giles   (Internet Archive)

Harleian ms. 3859
The British Library
Keith Fitzpatrick-Matthews

Historia Anglorum
Thomas Arnold (Internet Archive)

Historia Ecclesiastica Gentis Anglorum
John Allen Giles   (Internet Archive)
Joseph Stevenson   (Internet Archive)
Kk.3.18   (Cambridge University)
Moore Bede (Kk.5.16)   (Cambridge University)

Historia Brittonum
John Allen Giles   (Internet Archive)
Paul Halsall   (Internet Medieval Sourcebook)
Theodor Mommsen   (Internet Archive)
Theodor Mommsen   (The Latin Library)

Historia Regum Britanniae
De gestis Britonum   (Gallica)

Irish Texts Society
R. A. S. Macalister   (Internet Archive)

Jesus College ms. 20
Keith Fitzpatrick-Matthews

Late Additions to Bonedd y Saint
P. C. Bartrum   (Welsh Journals NLW)

The Liber Landavensis
J. G. Evans and J. Rhys   (Internet Archive)
W. J. Rees   (Internet Archive)

The Lives of the British Saints vol. I
S. Baring-Gould, J. Fisher   (Internet Archive)

Llyfr Taliesin
J. G. Evans   (Internet Archive)

A lost medieval manuscript from north Wales: Hengwrt 33, the Hanesyn Hên
Guy, B.D., 2016   (Studia Celtica)

Le motif de l’épée jetée au lac: la mort d’Artur et la mort de Batradz
Grisward, J. H., 1969

The Ossetian Epic: “Tales of the Narts”
Abaev, V. I.

Parochiale Wallicanum
Wade-Evans, A. W., 1911   (Internet Archive)

Peiryan Vaban
Peniarth 50 Manuscript (pdf)   (The heart of Merlin)
A. O. Jarman (BBCS vol. 14)   (Celtic Literature Collective)

Le Roman de Renart le Contrefait
G. Raynaud and H. LemaÎtre (Gallica)

Romania 30
Nouvelles études sur la provenance du cycle Arthurien

Stowe 944 (Liber Vitae)
The British Library

The Text of the Book of Llan Dâv
Evans, J. G., Rhys, J., 1893

Textus Roffensis
Manchester University

The Thirteen Treasures of the Island of Britain
Rachel Bromwich

Two Irish Arthurian Romances
R.A.S. Macalister (Internet Archive)

Vita Columbae
J. T. Fowler   (Internet Archive)
CELT   (University College Cork)
Medieval Sourcebook   (Fordham University)
W. Reeves   (Internet Archive)

Vita Illtuti
A. W. Wade-Evans   (Vitae Sanctorum Britanniae et Genealogiae, Celtic Literature Collective)

Vita Kentigerni
C. W. Green (Fordham University)

Vita Merlini
J. J. Parry   (Internet Sacred Text Archive)

Vita Paterni
Cotton MS Vespasian A XIV   (The British Library)
W.J. Rees   (Latin text, Lives of the Cambro British Saints, Internet Archive)
A.W. Wade-Evans   (Vitae Sanctorum Britanniae et Genealogiae, Celtic Literature Collective)

A Welsh Classical Dictionary
Peter Clement Bartrum   (The National Library of Wales)