The site will put forward theories concerning Roman and Post-RomanĀ  Britain. It will develop over time and earlier posts will be emended if later consideration indicates this is required.

When dates are given simply as a number they are to be understood as belonging to the Common Era (CE), i.e. AD. If this is not the case they will be followed by a BCE (Before the Common Era.

The time range for each numbered generation may be found on the Menu page with the title Generations. When rulers are identified as belonging to a particular numbered generation, gen. 0 is the one to which Arthur is associated.

In the genealogical tables when a line of descent is made up of more than one pedigree artificially joined together the distinct individual segments will shown with a letter following the pedigree list name, e.g. HG 2a, HG 2b etc.

Often only fragments of a line of descent will be given if that is all that is required to validate the point being made. When this is the case the title will include the word fragment.

In the text and the tables the modern forms of the names are used unless otherwise stated. The original medieval manuscript forms of the names may possibly be viewed by going to Menu page entitled Links and clicking on a relevant hyperlink for the item. In the tables individuals whose names appear in red font are female.